Employment and Civil Rights


The natural and fundamental right of all Americans to pursue life and liberty free from unlawful government intrusion is enshrined in the United States Constitution and its Bill of Rights, as well as our Massachusetts Declaration of Rights. Our founders rightly believed that no government had, or ever should have, the power to deprive individuals of their natural rights, including their liberty and their dignity, without due process of law. Over the years, numerous federal and state laws have also been enacted to expand on the founders’ vision of our civil rights and liberties.

At Lynch Scrimo we have dedicated a significant portion of our practice to help people fight back against the gradual and silent encroachments on their rights by those in power, whether it be the government or their employer. Attorney Jeffrey Scrimo zealously represents our clients in cases ranging from assisting people wrongfully denied their individual Second Amendment rights, to fighting back against organizations or companies discriminating against their employees for their religious faith, their exercise of free speech, or because of their gender or race.

Please call us if you have been deprived of your rights by the government, or if an employer has terminated or demoted you wrongly because of your gender, race, age, religion or other protected class status. We cannot guarantee success, but we can guarantee that we will stand with you from beginning to end.

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