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Firearms Law 


Massachusetts gun laws are among the most draconian in the country.  The fear of losing Second Amendment rights based on minor infractions of confusing and inconsistent laws, or based on the whim of a local licensing officer, is a constant presence in the minds of lawful Massachusetts gun owners.  Lawful gun owners need to know their rights and have an experienced firearms attorney on board to help defend them.


If you are a Massachusetts licensed gun owner who has been arrested for any sort of criminal offense there are unique and complex legal issues that are best handled by an attorney that is experienced and knowledgeable in both criminal defense and firearms law.  Attorney Jeffrey Scrimo is that Attorney.


Having a successful practice regarding legal matters involving firearms for more than a decade, Attorney Scrimo is recognized as an aggressive advocate for his clients’ Second Amendment rights. Many of our clients are referred to us by other attorneys because of our special knowledge and skill in these matters, as well as by recognized advocacy groups such as Comm2A and GOAL.


If you have any legal matters where firearms and firearms license are or may become an issue, please call us so that you have the skilled legal representation you need to protect your liberty, your property and your rights.

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