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Criminal / OUI and DUI Defense

There is nothing as precious as your freedom. Don’t risk it by relying on a phone book advertisement to decide who has the experience you need to protect you from the power of government prosecution. As a famous lawyer once said, “if they can railroad a bad man to prison, they can railroad a good man, too.” Know your rights, and have an attorney who is not afraid to defend them. We offer a free initial consultation so you can meet with Attorney Jeff Scrimo and decide for yourself if he is the right attorney for you. 


Attorney Jeff Scrimo has been aggressively defending clients in Operating Under the Influence “OUI” cases for nearly twenty years.  Attorney Jeffrey Scrimo spends extensive time actually in court arguing on behalf of the accused before judges and juries. Unlike the many attorneys who spend most of their time behind desks, Attorney Scrimo does not have to give his clients “theoretical” advice in how to deal with a criminal charge.


Attorney Scrimo’s clients get the kind of practical and effective advice and representation that can only be supplied by someone who stands and argues before judges and juries on an almost daily basis. Your freedom is nothing to take lightly. You should have a Defense Attorney like Attorney Jeff Scrimo who is always prepared, willing to communicate with you, comfortable in front judges and juries, and capable of providing you with honest and aggressive representation.

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